给大家带来[美人的纠结] 最新最全攻略[图文教程中文翻译第二部分],希望在家肝游戏的各位能够顺利的玩起来,玩更多的游戏,提高免疫力。

Hacking skills:

When you get 30 + skills, from week number 3, any day from wednsday to sunday vicky will come at sleeping time and inform you that she got you new identities

Vicky living room:

@20:00 “What\’s wrong Vicky”, if you have 55 relation points with her, she will ask you both to join her on pool, select “I won\’t force my baby into anything she doesn\’t want” just to check if you have enough anal points.

“Sit close to her and ask if she needs help” will add relation points with her

Friday saturday @20:00 female character will be in living room, on friday no sex scenes, while on

saturday if you have relationship points higher than 160 ….

she will have sex, different poses in week 2


@ 9:00 “Ignore her and talk to Ron” then you will get 3 options:

1-“Ask him about his work” will give you friendship points with Ron, this is needed for later in order for him to ask you for a favor

2-“I guess I know what she means” will appear only after you watch Vicky and Ron at their room, if you select that Ron will ask you for a favor **.

@15:00 scenes with female character, and a week later when you suspect Ron, select “No I\’m not okay” and then “Angry” to increase your anal sex points.

@16:00 scenes with Vicky

@19:00 When you get the option a week later “Talk to Ron” select it, this will make you suspect him then “Man stop leering at my xxxnamexxx” will increase your anal sex points…

…Also this will open a new talking option in kitchen @13:00 with female character


Week one:

@10:00 “It\’s amazing because we are together” will give you 4 emo and 5 relation points, while “I love you” will give you 1 emo and 5 relation points

@10:00 “Tell her she\’s sexy” will give you 4 lust points if you cuminside her, and 1 lust if you cum outside

@10:00 On Wednesday to friday, and if anytime previously you cum inside her, you will get sex scene with the options, pussy time, and kiss neck

@21:00 “Surprise her with a kiss” will give you more options

@10:00 Different scenes on saturday

Week 2 and above:

@10:00 you need to “remove your shorts” and “stop it” at least twice, then you can choose if Vicky will join your or not, if you get her to join…

select “No Vicky, and you xxxname come here kiss me”, Vicky will be happy and offer you a reward in her toilet @18:00

@21:00 week 2 and from wednesday to friday , select “Surprise her with a kiss” then “Suggest to go drink with Vicky” then “Remove your shorts” you need 160 rel points with female character for that to succeed.


@11:00 different scenes depending on lust or emotion points

@14:00 if you select her ass, it will increase your anal sex points, you need that for scenes at 21:00 with Vicky on the pool

Vicky\’s Toilet:

@18:00 Vicky reward, if you select the path for that in Pool, 55 relation points are needed

Vicky Room:

17:00 after wednesday you get foot massage scenes with Vicky if you have Vicky relationship higher than 25, and then higher than 35, and then higher than 60

@18:00 if you watch them, and then help Ron at the breakfast, he\’ll ask you a favor

@18:00 **Ron favor** if you come to improve your computer skills, Ron will appear and asks for your help

@20:00 You will give to Ron what you\’ve bought inide your room menu, if you bought blindfold he will ask you to join him fucking Vicky

Your room:

Check the reading room @ 12:00, 13:00, and 17:00

@16:00 nap time, she will blow you first time, then in a week later Vicky will join, your choices depend on your preference, and will give you different scenes.

@17:00 once you have enough hacking skills 30 or more, and new ID, you can call Vicky to proceed to next update, if you bought her a ring that\’s the time you give it to her

Then you get anal scenes if you have enough anal points (8 or more), after that you can ask Vicky to come and join you

Thank you





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